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Art in Small Bytes Online Exhibition 

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, 2020

Design concept for Art in Small Bytes​ during COVID closure in April 2020. Created the identity and concept for the exhibition by selecting typeface, creating signature logo and developing accompanying images.

Exhibition Description

In computers, a “byte” is a unit of data that represents a character such as a letter. The museum used an image of a  display and shared more information on each piece on their website.



instagram small bytes.jpg
explainer copy.jpg

Developed the concept to show each object or artwork as a "pixelated". When clicked would take viewer to more information.

Pillola Lamps_copy.jpg
Hots Lips Phone_copy.jpg
Tempestini Lamp_copy.jpg
Bocca Sofa FLAT.jpg
Sanderson FLAT.jpg
Superleggera chair FLAT.jpg

Individual objects highlighted from exhibition photograph to share information.

Webpage 1_copy.png

Signature logo on website

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