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Website Redesign Concept for Nonprofit
Student Work, 2022

Identified, researched, and redesigned a website for Daddy Bruce Randolph Legacy Foundation. Bruce Randolph was a Black restaurateur in Denver who gave back to the community by providing food on Thanksgiving and other ways throughout the year. I selected the website because it could better reflect him, his legacy and the foundation with changes to the design and user interface.


Conducted market research and interviews to 1) help identify who the business or cause is 2) how to improve the design of what they currently have 3) help elicit an action.​ Developed a sitemap, wireframe and UI for desktop and mobile. 


Adobe XD, Illustrator

Original Website

Based on audience research, key issues were confusion about who Daddy Bruce was, what the foundation did

and how to navigate the website.

Redesigned Website

Reconfigured website to condense over 14 pages of content to 5 pages with a navigation menu. Issues identified by persona interviews 1) it was hard to figure out who Daddy Bruce was and what the foundation does 2) how to navigate the website due to lack of navigation menu and 3) how to make a donation. I added a clear navigation bar, many places to make a donation as well as footer with contact and donation information on each page.

Website redesign

Updated a logo for the foundation and created a new color scheme inspired by their current website.

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