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Iris Magazine Concept

Student Work, 2022

Designed a magazine concept with a masthead/logo, three covers, table of contents, department pages, feature pages and website. Selected typefaces, styles, images and developed a grid for continuity. 

I envisioned Iris Magazine for the passionately curious and artful person. The magazine would gather content from contributors highlighting women and nonbinary creatives to inspire, engage, educate and create. Iris is colorful, inclusive, diverse, fun, quirky and eco-conscious and the perfect break from the digital world!


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD

For the logo, the tittle over the second "i"will change according to theme of each magazine. 

Iris Masthead copy.jpg

Masthead Development

cover and toc with flowers.jpg

Table of Contents

TOC v4 mockup_blue.jpg

Department Spread

Dept pages.jpg

Feature Spread

Izzy Main Image-03.png

Custom illustration for feature spread

feat 1.jpg
feat 2.jpg
feat 3.jpg

Website Landing Page & Feature Article

MacBook Pro 16.jpg
MacBook Pro 16 with drawer v2.jpg
Feature page mockup.jpg
web pages mockup.jpg
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